The Brand

Tobias Grein

The passion of always giving and expecting the best of life. Hard work. Being ready to seize every opportunity. And the willingness to break rules. These were the main drivers for founding Decadi Couture in 2013 by Tobias Grein.

Tobias Grein met Jan Verkerk in 2009. While they were both studying business they built a denim street-wear shirt label, which they sold after two years on its peak of success. Hereupon, Tobias Grein founded Decadi Couture accompanied by Jan Verkerk, who has taken a board position at his company.

Since then, Tobias’ daily challenge and work is to grow his company and to establish an international brand.
In 2014 he reached one of his most important milestones for Decadi Couture so far – to produce his own collections with his contract manufacturers in Turkey and Italy, which he has selected himself carefully during his time in both countries.

Decadi Couture is a young luxury fashion label, which is inspired by love for detail and lots of jewelry.


We want to establish a brand that makes you feel special, extraordinary and gorgeous while you’re wearing it.